Instant Coffee At Work? No Way! Part 3

Coffee Diet

Coffee Benefits

And finally, the sublimation. Simply put, it is drying out frozen product in a vacuum. This method is the most expensive. Supposedly, it keeps the original properties of natural coffee. Yet, coffee is brewed for a few hours, which kills all its useful properties.

Of course, we drink coffee to a) to cheer up, b) to enjoy the flavor. What can we eventually get if the share of the grains accounts for only 15% of the composition? Only dyes and artificial flavors. Choose high-quality instant coffee to cause less damage to the body.

Real and instant coffee cannot be compared. Caffeine is a grain beverage, and leaves the body several hours later. The same dose of caffeine contained in instant coffee will be released in approximately 10 hours, while the invigorating effect of the beverage lasts only two or three hours. Regular consumption of instant coffee could easily lead to an overdose of caffeine that will harm your health.
Many believe that caffeine-free instant coffee is less harmful. However, this view is a fundamental mistake. This product contributes to the deposition of kidney stones.

Coffee itself is a potent stimulator of gastric juice and instant coffee contains acid. Therefore, people suffering from stomach diseases should not drink coffee on an empty stomach. At the very least, it should be mixed with milk. It is also not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases to abuse instant coffee.

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