Instant Coffee At Work? No Way! Part 1

Coffee Diet

Coffee Benefits

According to statistics, 2.5 billion cups of coffee is drunk in the world these days. Most of these cups contain instant coffee. The popular drink was invented by a Swiss chemist Max Morgentaller. He took over the experiments of his Japanese colleague Satori Kato, who invented the technology for the production of powdered tea. The date of birth of instant coffee is July 24, 1938. However, at the time neither the experts nor the consumers appreciated the taste, flavor and convenience of instant coffee.

Currently, there are many companies producing various types of instant coffees. You can brew coffee in powder, granules, freeze-dried, of buy bags of “”3 in 1″”. The main difference between them is the production technology. Keep in mind that no technology of processing coffee beans into a soluble substance is complete without the heat treatment that kills all the beneficial properties of coffee.

There are several ways of packing instant coffee. The container can tell you about the quality of the content. For example, cans usually contain cheaper coffee and may even make the taste of coffee “”metallic””. Quality instant coffee, which is granulated and freeze-dried coffee, is packed in glass jars. Glass is considered more prestigious packaging, capable to maintain the aroma and taste of instant coffee.

Estonia, Tallinn
Parramatta, Australia
Montenegro, Podgorcia
Dubbo, Australia
France, Paris
Colombia, Bogota
South Africa
Al Fulayyah, United Arab Emirates, Al Fulayyah, UAE
Round Rock, Texas
Vancouver, Washington

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