Visions link to coffee intake Part 2

Coffee Diet

Coffee Benefits

Under stress
He said previous research had suggested factors such as childhood trauma could be linked to hallucinations.
When under stress, the body releases a hormone called cortisol which is produced in greater quantities after consuming caffeine.
The extra cortisol boost could be what causes a person to hallucinate.
Therefore, Mr James added, it made sense to examine the link between caffeine and mood.

Besides coffee, sources such as tea, chocolate, “”pep”” pills and energy drinks contain caffeine.
After asking the students about their typical intake, the research team assessed their susceptibility to hallucinatory experiences and stress levels.

Sweden, Stockholm
Birmingham, Alabama
St. Louis, Missouri
Haiti, Port-au-Prince
Estonia, Tallinn
Newcastle, Australia
Wodonga, Victoria
Armenia, Yerevan
Australia, Canberra
Czech Republic, Prague

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