How To Make Cappuccino And Latte At Home Part 1

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On Your Own: How To Make Cappuccino And Latte In The Comfort Of Your Own Home Without Going To Barista School

Although cappuccino and latte are not the only drinks that coffee lovers crave, they are some of the most simple and mutable. A chocolate flavored latte is essentially a cafe mocha without the whipped cream. But I digress, let’s get to the drinks. We have to assume that you have the proper equipment first: a standard espresso machine capable of foaming milk, espresso beans that have been properly ground, milk (skim foam is best), and the flavoring of your choosing (if any).

Both drinks begin the same.
Fill the portafilter, as I call it, with the proper amount of espresso.
Tamp down with enough pressure (technically it’s about twenty pounds throw your body into it a bit) to make the surface of the ground beans smooth.
Place the filter into the machine.

Place an espresso shot glass or cup underneath the filter to catch the espresso.

Begin to steam the milk to a temperature that is no less than 140 degrees and as hot as you find pleasurable.
THEN, turn the machine on to brew the espresso. The flavor is spoiled when the shots have to sit for more than thirty seconds.
For one drink, you will need two ounces of espresso brewed.
This is where the two recipes differentiate from each other, but not by much.

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