The Truth Behind Coffee Creamers Part 1

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As I was grabbing for my second cup of coffee today, I realized I had once again drained the contents of my White Chocolate Mocha flavored creamer. What I didn’t realize before today was the pure amount of calories, accumulated over time, that this creamer actually had.
Upon that realization, I started wondering if it was the creamer causing excess pop to my rear section and not a previous investigation about a new type of undergarment I recently investigated. (add link here) Upon looking at the nutrition information, I realized I had been consuming 35 calories per 1 Tablespoon of creamer. I was going through an average of one huge bottle of creamer every week. At about 64 servings per bottle, that means I was adding about 2240 calories excessively to my diet!

This sparked some extra research. According to an article at, using powdered creamer is about half the amount of calories as the liquid creamer. Yet, the serving size is actually only 1 teaspoon. With 64 servings, you will ultimately cut out more than half of the calories out of your favorite refreshment!

Since there is 3500 calories in a pound, if you did absolutely nothing to use up those excess calories, that means you could potentially be adding one extra pound to your waist every week and a half. That could add up to almost a full 35 pounds of weight gain by the end of the year! Scary – isn’t it?

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