Espresso Guide – Making Espresso Part 3

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The coffee bean
Choosing the coffee bean is naturally one of the most important aspects of making any coffee. The Arabica bean is the best and if you find fresh roasted Arabica beans, they are the natural choice, but the freshness is essential. The Robusta bean has generally a much poorer quality than the Arabica bean, but many espresso enthusiasts have started mixing their Arabica beans with some Robusta beans as they give a very nice crema and sometimes also a preferable taste. Taste, however, is very individual, so the best advice here is to try different beans and blends to see which one suits you best.

When you are ready to brew your cup of espresso the first thing you do is to fill the machine with water and possibly beans (automatic machine). Then you switch on the machine to let it warm up the water to the desired temperature which is 93 centigrade. When the right temperature is achieved it´s a good idea to let some of the hot water run through the machine to make sure all parts are completely clean, and also to heat up the components not to destroy the hot espresso by cooling it before it even reaches the cup. Fill also the espresso cup with some of the hot water, so it will be warm and ready to receive the dark drops without cooling them immediately.

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