Espresso Guide – Making Espresso Part 2

Coffee Diet

Coffee Benefits

The tools

The tools and machines used in making espresso are of great significance. The semi-automatic machine is the one most frequently used in bars and cafés and the easiest one to get really good results with at home, so it is a good investment. The piston machine might give even better results, but only if you are a real enthusiast as it requires much more work. Pod machines and automatic machines are very easy to use, but will never make really impressive espressos.

A good grinder is almost as important as the espresso machine. Achieving the right grinding degree is essential for the outcome of the espresso; too coarsely ground coffee gives watery espresso and too fine makes it bitter. You should get a grinder with a good reputation, and that has different degrees of grinding so that you can try your way to find the best degree for your machine. Don´t be stingy when buying a grinder if your espresso is important to you.

Romania, Bucharest,
Ukraine, Kiev,
Swaziland Mbabane
Montenegro Podgorcia
Macedonia Skjope
Malta, Valetta,
Marshall Islands Majuro
Congo Democratic Republic of the Kinshasa
Killeen Texas USA
Shepparton Victoria Australia

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