Espresso Guide – Making Espresso Part 1

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Making Espresso

For many people a shot of espresso works as a little injection of energy and to others it is art made for the taste buds. For most people it is a combination of the two. It is easy to believe that the making of an espresso is a piece of cake. «A small cup of coffee shouldn’t be that difficult?» That attitude is the very first mistake made in learning how to make espresso. For the real professionals it has taken years to learn how to make the perfect shot of espresso, it is a strict scientific procedure, but at the same time it is of utmost importance to have a sensitive sense of taste and detail.

For a private person it is of course difficult to make the same high quality espresso as the barista, no matter how much training he puts down. But there are many steps you can learn in the making process that can improve your espresso and bring it from being awful to decent and then on to really delicious. It is all about knowledge, patience and experience.

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