Choosing the Best Espresso Machine for Your Needs Part 2

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Next, you will want to look at the actual espresso machine in order to get a feel for its quality. The heavier the actual portafilter or basket for the espresso, the better, for example; the more metal parts the espresso machine has, the stronger and more durable it will be. You need to recognize that the sum of the parts of the espresso machine much add up to quality. Look for machines that seem sturdy and that can take the constant use. These machines will be heavier and have parts that are made of stainless steel or other materials.

You will also want to consider just how often you will be making espresso when you are looking at machines. If you are trying to start a small coffee shop business, you will need a higher quality machine than someone that is trying to have a latte in the morning. Think about how often the machine is going to be “working” for you.

Another thing that many people forget in terms of selecting an espresso machine is the actual steam wand. When you are trying to make lattes and cappuccinos, this piece of the machine will need to be easy to use and durable. When you’re looking at the machine itself, be sure to move the wand to see how it works and then also test it out, if possible.

An espresso machine is an investment in your coffee routine, but it’s all in how you select the machine itself that will make your mornings all the better. Take your time and research your options before heading to your local store or online shop.

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