Better Espresso Drinks Than Starbucks, At Home! Part 3

Coffee Diet

Coffee Benefits

Now for the frothy goodness. My mom bought each of us a Shin Bistro Milk Frother By Bodum and I use it every morning to top my espresso for the perfect Cafe con Latte. For all you health concious people, you will be happy to know that skim milk (I like using organic milk) froths the best in this particular frother. Again, simple technology, the pump, full of little holes, pushes air into the milk frothing it up to triple its original mass. I just throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds and pour it on top of my espresso and voila! Pure Coffee Perfection!

If you are into entertaining, your guests or even your family and friends will love being treated to a wonderful espresso drink. It really lends an air of sophistication to your parties and will certainly be appreciated! There will never be any doubt after that as to whether or not you are a foodie!

As for the coffee, I usually order it from Lisabeeen. She ships it right after she has roasted it and by the time it gets to your house, your beans are perfect and ready to be ground up and put in your new caffettiera!

Madagascar, Antananarivo,
Ukraine, Kiev,
Haiti, Port-au-Prince,
Germany, Berlin,
Tuvalu, Funafuti,
Sudan, Khartoum,
City of Hurstville, Australia,
Plano, Texas, USA
Wangaratta, Victoria,
Lebanon, Beirut,

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