Coffee Diet: Why It’s Perfect for Coffee Lovers

Coffee Diet

Coffee Benefits

Western society places too much importance on body image today, giving rise to the multi-billion dollar diet industry in the United States. All kinds of strange diets are being offered now, with most of them preying on unsuspecting people’s emotions, luring them in and making them spend tons of money, but they ultimately end up less healthy than before.

Coffee lovers who go on a diet become eventually discouraged when they realize that their diet forbids them to drink coffee. As a result, the diet fails because they tend to think that the diet is too demanding, leading them to give it up. One solution is at hand though — the coffee diet.

A good place to start is to check what makes coffee really harmful to the human body. In moderate amounts, coffee by itself is harmless. But when we start adding things to our coffee to improve its taste, that’s when the trouble starts. Coffee nowadays has all sorts of additives like sweeteners, flavorings and dairy products that barely a hint of coffee flavor remains. Which begs the question: why would anyone drink something that has been severely altered just to make it taste better?

To add to the problem, these additives place a lot of extra calories and fat to your coffee. Take a standard 16 ounce flavored coffee drink, for example. It can have 400 calories and over 20 grams of fat, which is almost the same as eating one whole McDonalds Quarter Pounder. Shocking, isn’t it?

So what is a proper solution for coffee lovers who love to take their favorite drink but without all that extra baggage? The answer: cut the additives. Since coffee by itself is fat-free with no calories, coffee drinkers should just take their coffee “”straight.”” Furthermore, the caffeine also acts as an appetite suppressant; you’re likely to find caffeine listed as an ingredient on the labels of diet pills. And that’s the main premise of the coffee diet.

Don’t forget that there are also risks in doing too much of a good thing, and it holds true with drinking too much coffee. An overabundance of caffeine can raise blood pressure or even blood sugar levels, and these are important to watch out for if you go on the coffee diet.

But the coffee diet is simplicity in itself; all you need to do is drink five cups of coffee at regular intervals per day. Just be sure to avoid dehydration by drinking lots of water, and avoid those teeth stains by brushing regularly; it’s as easy as that.

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