Healthy Skinny Coffee Diet & Weight Loss Review

Coffee Diet

Coffee Benefits

We drink coffee, or at least a grand majority of us do with over 400 billion cups served annually. America is the largest coffee consuming nation on the planet, and coffee itself is the most popular beverage in the world, second only to water. This leaves many companies looking for an edge in order to obtain even a portion of the market on the regular cup of joe. Boresha International believes that they not only have found their edge, but has cornered the market by introducing this world famous beverage to the health and wellness industry.

Skinny Science Coffee, otherwise known as Skinny Coffee or BSkinny, has been making huge waves in the coffee industry world wide. Boresha International’s edge is due in part to it’s Skinny Science Coffee, which is the only thermogenic fat burning coffee in the world. The ability to reach weight goals by simply drinking coffee is intriguing and potentially revolutionary.

Boresha Coffee originally comes from Private Estates using only Arabica beans which are purchased using fair trade policies and are certified organic. The beans are then specialty roasted through infrared roasting to create a low acid coffee bean. The special ceramic drum roasting process is reported to result in a very smooth, never bitter cup of healthy coffee. One gentleman was quoted as saying, “”Boresha’s coffee tastes like velvet on the palette””.

Boresha Coffee is then combined with, buffered caffeine, a fat burning compound designed by the leading Glycemic Researcher, Dr. Ann de Wees Allen, resulting in BSkinny Coffee. Buffered caffeine has been proven to negate fat storage, generate maximum fat burning, and create sustained balanced energy. Skinny Coffee triggers our body to burn the fat in our fat cells which is dispelled and felt in the form of energy. So it literally burns fat. Not bad for our morning cup of coffee!

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