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Diet Coffee

Coffee Benefits

People today are obsessed with their body image which is why there is a multi billion dollar industry dedicated to dieting. There are some rather bizarre diets that exist simply to lure you in, play on your emotions, take your money, and often leave you less healthy than you were when you began the diet. For people who love coffee, yet feel like they need to regulate their diets, discouragement is often encountered when the dieter realizes that the latest fad diet forbids the consumption of coffee.

A solution to the coffee dilemma must start with dispelling a few myths about the harmful effects of coffee on the human body. Coffee itself is relatively harmless in moderate amounts. Where we get into trouble is when we start adding things to our coffee to make it “taste better”. If something needs to have its flavor altered so severely to make it taste better why would anyone drink it to begin with? In other words, people want the ‘effect’ but not the taste which is the same argument that brought about Alco pops (alcoholic drinks made to taste like soft drinks) in the drinks industry.

What many people call coffee has many additional extras such as various dairy products, sweeteners, and flavorings to the point that there is barely a hint of coffee flavor present.

The problem with these additional extras is that they add significant calories and fat to your coffee drink. For example, a standard 16 ounce flavored coffee drink from your local Starbucks can have around 400 calories and some 20 grams of fat, which is much the same quantities found in a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder
So what is a coffee lover to do to feed the need without the extra baggage? The most obvious solution is to cut out the additives. Coffee by itself has no calories and is fat free.

The premise of the coffee diet is that coffee lovers will like their coffee ‘straight’ and the caffeine in the coffee acts as an appetite suppressant. Just read the ingredients on any box of diet tablets and you will more than likely find caffeine as one of the main ingredients.
There are risks to drinking too much coffee, just like there are risks to doing anything to excess. Too much caffeine has been shown to raise blood pressure and maybe even blood sugar levels. These are things to monitor closely if you go on the coffee diet. Everything in moderation as the saying goes.

One added benefit of the coffee diet is its simplicity. You just drink five cups of coffee at regular intervals during the day. Be sure to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and brush your teeth regularly to avoid nasty stains.

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