A Coffee Diet I’ve Heard It All Now Part 2

Coffee Diet

Coffee Benefits

You know, we’re always looking for the next lazy, or should I say easy, no, perhaps effortless weight loss program, but despite it all, the old fashion way still wins every time. Can you remember the original diet? It’s simply to put less in your mouth and get more exercise. That’s it! Okay, so there are a few whistles and bells to add like the right types of food and a sensible exercise regime, but you get the idea.

Another thing worth pointing out with the coffee diet is that it’s supposedly a quick fix and not a new way of eating (or starving), so perhaps if the dieter uses it as a jump start to a more sensible eating plan, it’s not such a bad thing. It also went on to say in the article that the coffee diet is not the foundation of the program. Now this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, so I’ll try to explain. Advocates of the coffee diet strongly urge you to eat well throughout the day. By well, they mean adopt a healthy food diet consuming small portions as part of the regime.

The coffee diet simply allows the dieter a moderate intake of coffee throughout the day time, but the coffee has to be pure. Lattes and cappuccinos and all those other fandangled coffee cups are out. Hmm! it’s sounds ok, but at the end of the day, we’re still not eating properly because the coffee diet is removing our natural appetite and I’m not totally convinced that’s a good thing.

One final point that may give you food for thought is your insulin. Caffeine can make your blood sugar unstable. The insulin in your body will not be able to process it properly and it winds up stored in the body as fat. So, if you do decide to take on the coffee diet, make sure that you don’t drink too much.

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