Coffee And Heart Disease Part 11

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The caffeine content of coffee does not appear to have any influence on blood lipid levels. An intervention trial has shown that consumption of decaffeinated coffee did not lower total or LDL-cholesterol levels (10) and a cross-sectional study was unable to show any association between caffeine intake and total, LDL- or HDL-cholesterol (11).

A meta-analysis of intervention trials published prior to December 1998 on the effects of coffee on blood lipid levels was published in 2001 (12). The authors identified twenty- three papers but excluded nine from their analysis due to design faults. A significant dose response relationship between consumption of all types of coffee and total or LDL cholesterol levels was shown.

They observed greater effects in subjects with hyperlipidaemia or when either caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee or boiled and filtered coffee were compared. It can be concluded that heavy consumption of boiled coffee but not filtered coffee elevates blood total and LDL cholesterol levels. This effect is more obvious in hyperlipidaemic subjects.

However, the clinical, statistical and long-term significance of the effects of boiled coffee on blood lipid levels has been questioned. Although more common in Scandinavia and the Middle East, drinking boiled coffee is comparatively rare in most countries.

Bulgaria, Sofia,
Togo, Lome,
Germany, Berlin,
Ghana, Accra,
Redcliffe, Queensland,
Montenegro, Podgorcia,
Palestinian State,
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
Cambodia, Phnom Penh,
Tajikistan, Dushanbe

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