Alternatives To Your Daily Espresso Part 2


Coffee Benefits

Energy Drinks

Because the purpose of drinking espresso is to energize your body, why not take energy drink instead. It has the same energizing effect to the body, though the caffeine content is much higher than a cup of espresso. Energy drink like Red bull may be easily bought in the market and also its powerful effect to the body is better compared to an espresso.

Chewing Gum

Probably Chewing gum is one of the alternative options to boast your energy as of the chewing effect which revive your senses. Flavors similar to peppermint, winter mint, or even raspberry are some of the popular choices. Though not in common with other espresso alternatives, chewing gum has the same effect of jolting your senses in the morning. And it assists you eradicate bad breath.

Soda Pop

Soda pop has less caffeine in comparison with energy drink alternative. Drinking Coca Cola or even Pepsi in the morning will have the same awakening consequence to the body like the way an espresso can do to you. Thus the comparison of soda pop with espresso is simple to note.

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