Organic Decaf Coffee Part 4

Organic Decaf Coffee

Coffee Benefits

Benefits: Leaving that organic part (which is always beneficial and has no harm in itself), the Organic Decaf Coffee benefits you unless you drink too much of coffee everyday. Despite being decaffeinated (although the amount of residual caffeine depends upon the method used), there is still some caffeine left in the coffee and hence indiscriminate drinking can introduce the same amount of caffeine that you wanted to avoid each day. Say, ten to fifteen cups of highly decaffeinated coffee is equivalent to two cups of fully caffeinated coffee. So, it benefits you as long as it is drunk in moderation.

Drawbacks: Except a bit highly priced than normal coffee, it seems to have no demerits or disadvantages in itself. It is far healthier than normal coffee and it is environment friendly too, as no toxic chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, reagents etc.) are used in its production and processing. But, sometimes the method of decaffeination used may affect the taste and flavour adversely and many people are of the opinion that decaffeinated coffee does not taste good. This sounds true to some extent since it is evident that repeated treatment with hot water will drain out some natural oils, sugar, volatile oils and other ingredients from the beans along with the caffeine.

Availability: It is pretty good available these days. Still, if you are not getting it within your reach, then place an order on internet, but that after studying thoroughly about the certification for organic product, process of decaffeination used, manufacturing date etc.

Market: Both normal decaf and Organic Decaf Coffee have very good markets all over the world as lot many people prefer this for health reasons. This trend is growing.

Your Call: Drinking Organic Decaf Coffee and promoting it is beneficial, both in terms of health as well as for the environment. So, if you are a moderate coffee drinker, this coffee will surely do you a lot of good. If you are heavy drinker, then too, you will be benefitted from the organic part of the coffee, if not from the decaffeinated portion. So, enjoy it and encourage others to take up this healthy practice. Cheers!

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