Organic Decaf Coffee Part 1

Organic Decaf Coffee

Coffee Benefits

There is something which keeps pricking every coffee lover around the world, and that is the presence of caffeine in it. Then, like all other crops, there might be toxic chemicals creeping into it from the artificial fertilizers and pesticides used. This keeps them from enjoying their cup to its full since they know very well that both caffeine and the chemical residues in coffee are harmful for health. But can we imagine coffee without caffeine and that too without fertilizers or pesticides used on it?

Yes! We can. There is a coffee called Organic Decaf Coffee which comes with solutions to all your problems. It neither contains caffeine nor those toxic chemical residues discussed above. But how did such a coffee come into being? What exactly it is? Where is it available? There are several questions whose answers have to be found out. Let’s do it then!

Organic Coffee: Most of you might be familiar with the term “Organic” and what it means. For those who are not, let me give you some hints. The most general interpretation of the recommendations, laid down by various governing agencies such as USDA or NPOP etc., necessary to be followed by a product for being labeled as organic is that it should neither contain any artificial or synthetic substances or chemicals (that means, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides can be used while growing them or no chemicals can be used while processing them) nor should it obtained from or contain Genetically Modified Organisms.

Further, for products like coffee, the crop or the product can neither be treated with sewage sludge nor be subjected to any kind of radiations. They can neither be packed in such packets from which they are chemically contaminated (like metallic salts, colours and other chemicals from the pack dissolving into the contents. So, any coffee that fulfills above requirements can be called Organic Coffee.

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