Tips For Storing Coffee – Ways To Ensure Coffee’s Freshness Part 2

Gourmet Coffee Beans

Coffee Benefits

Tips for Storing Green Beans
Coffee drinkers do not buy green (unroasted) beans, but roasters do. For those who roast coffee, storing coffee is a little different. Most of the time, coffee arrives in 150 pound bags. These beans can be stored for years as long as they are exposed to heat or moisture. Some even say that coffee is better with age.
For storing green beans, one should:
keep the bags on boxes or shelves that are off the floor, and
when opening the coffee bag, open it with one string. The string will open the bag. Don’t use scissors.
How to Properly Taste Coffee – The cupping method and tasting terms
Coffee beans have up to 800 flavor characteristics that our senses can detect. Red wine, by comparison, only has 400. Most coffee connoisseurs prefer mild roasts because the longer a coffee bean is roasted the more characteristics that are burned off.
Tasting coffee is an art form. To detect the most amount of flavor from the coffee bean, it must be tasted properly. Coffee tasting works much like wine tasting. As in wine tasting, coffee tasting has special terms, used to describe the taste of coffee and to find the perfect balance.

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