Kona Coffee – Kona Coffee’s Origin And Reputation Part 2

Kona Coffee

Coffee Benefits

The Reputation and Flavor of Kona Coffee

Since the area in which Kona coffee is grown is so small compared to that of coffees grown in the Third World, the harvest is small. Kona coffee is marketed as a high-end gourmet coffee because of the short supply and high demand.

The high demand for Kona coffee is due to the flavor, which is unlike any other. Kona coffee is characterized by an aroma that is full, sweet, and mellow with a full-bodied flavor.

You can expect to pay extra for this special flavor. There are varying degrees of Kona coffee:
Peaberry: Top of the line. This bean is formed when one side of the flower fuses with the other leaving only one bean in the coffee cherry. Thus, it has a more concentrated flavor. Peaberry only makes up five to ten percent of the total harvest. The average cost of Peaberry is about $30 per pound or more.

Kona Coffee: Regular harvest coffee. You can expect to pay about $25 per pound.

Kona Blend: Make sure to check the label. If it is a Kona blend, then it only contains 10% Kona beans. The good news is that this kind of coffee is much cheaper than pure Kona coffee, but the flavor that Kona is famous for is reduced.

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