What Are Remarkable Gourmet Coffee Beans Part 3?

Gourmet Coffee Beans

Coffee Benefits

Many of Volcanica Gourmet Coffees are single origin coffees which means that you are getting high quality 100% pure Arabica gourmet coffee beans from the respective coffee estates in the respective volcanic coffee mountain regions. These are designated as originated from a specific country or area and are not blended with cheaper and lower quality beans that are usually found in most other coffees. The majority of your retail store brands are cut with inferior Robusta beans or mixed in with other lower grade coffees that can be purchased on world markets for pennies on the pound.

This allows store brands to sell at a lower price and allows them to make a larger profit. That’s why you can find cheaper coffee at your grocery store but it is also has a cheaper taste. Most consumers don’t know the difference and have become accustomed to the lower grade coffees and blends since they have never tasted the difference.

So if you see the word “”blend”” along with a renown gourmet coffee origin such as Kona, Costa Rica or Blue Mountain you need to check out what you are actually getting. Most blends normally only have a smidgen of pure origin gourmet coffee beans and are blended with cheaper substitutes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have any requirements regarding what constitutes coffee origins or names so unfortunately the public needs to be aware. Our blends and flavored coffee are made with 100% pure Arabica beans so you get the highest quality of gourmet coffee.

Gourmet coffee bean qualities vary like wine. Just like the difference between wine grown in Napa and Sonoma Valley, gourmet coffee beans vary by the different regions. Even within Costa Rica the coffee flavor varies great due to the different elevations and soil. You will also note a large difference between coffee grown in Maui and Kona. The Maui coffee does not compare to the Kona coffee quality. We travel the world in search of not only the best growing areas but dig even deeper to identify the best regions, valleys and then the best coffee farms within those regions that produce the best of the best gourmet coffee beans.

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