What Are Remarkable Gourmet Coffee Beans Part 1?

Gourmet Coffee Beans

Coffee Benefits

Volcanica Gourmet Coffee Beans are cultivated at heights of 3,000 to 7,000 feet on the slopes of mountains formed by volcanoes over the centuries. The volcanic soil and high elevation adds a unique and smooth flavor, not a stronger taste as some may suspect. These volcanic coffee beans can only be found in few areas of the world. It’s not by coincidence that these same areas are also home to tropical rain forest regions where exotic plant and animal species thrive. The result is a premium gourmet coffee and a connoisseur’s delight.

When you first open a bag of Volcanica Gourmet Coffee the aroma will hit you. On your first sip the difference will be in the rich flavor enveloping your senses and lost in the incredible flavor. We state that our gourmet coffee is an exotic experience because it truly is remarkable coffee unlike any you have ever tasted.

This is not like your store bought coffee that has been sitting on a retailer’s shelf for untold months. The problem is that soon after roasting, the beans become stale and lose their flavor. Store bought coffee, grocery store whole bean hoppers, and even popular gourmet coffee shop brands have been roasted months ago and have been slowly deteriorating on the shelf. Unfortunately many people do not know how gourmet coffee is suppose to taste because we have become desensitized to accept a below average grade without even knowing it. Volcanica gourmet coffee beans are freshly roasted when you place your order and shipped quickly for minimal impact from the elements.

We use one-way valve foil coffee bags to preserve freshness which removes air from the coffee beans for preservation. You will find that Volcanica Coffee is not only the freshest brand but also the most exotic tasting gourmet coffee in the world. Learn how fresh gourmet coffee beans are suppose to taste and give Volcanica Coffee a try, browse our store’s selection of Volcanica coffee beans and discover the difference.

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