Can Healthy Coffee Cure Cancer? Get Healthy Coffee Now!

Healthy Coffee

Coffee Benefits

This I don’t know but I can tell you that since I have been drinking my healthy coffee I am feeling so much better physically. I have been a sufferer of acid reflux symptoms for about 7 years now, eating anything with white flour comes with a great price. And as an avid cake and cookie lover I do have to pay the price from time to time. Since drinking Ganoderma coffee I can now enjoy these food products and not have any adverse reactions. As a matter of fact the other day I don’t know what I ate, but by about 5 o’ clock I was suffering from heart burn. I asked my daughter to make me a cup of coffee (of course she asked if she could have one too, she loves it!) because I realized that I hadn’t had my daily cup and within 15 minutes of drinking that coffee my heart burn was gone. Am I saying that the coffee “cured” me, of course we know that we should not make medical claims so I am not saying that, but coincidently after drinking the coffee I not longer had any heart burn.

These kinds of testimonials are coming in from persons who have decided to switch from drinking their regular coffee to Ganoderma coffee. I actually have a friend who I asked to put down her famous name brand coffee for one week and drink only the Ganoderma coffee. She was one of those coffee drinkers that “had” to have her caffeine every day to function, but very graciously she consented to do as I had asked her. Within 5 days she called me to say that she was “loving” the coffee and that she did not miss the caffeine because she was experiencing the same energy boost from theGanoderma coffee.

Now back to the question asked above, we make no medical claims whatsoever with our product but I invite you to do a Ganoderma search online. Type in “ganoderma, cancer” and see what you find. We are told in the good book that we perish for lack of knowledge and I realize that when you are accustomed to doing a particular thing for a long time, it becomes the norm, your habit. What I find sad however is that with the information that we have at our fingertips today, we choose not to take advantage of it and continue doing something that we know could be potentially harmful to us instead of researching and being willing to do something that could possibly be good for us.

What I especially love about this product is that people feel like it is helping them. Helping people is something that unfortunately many have lost sight of, but I pray and ask God to help me every day to be more focused on helping others than helping myself, why because whatever I sow I am sure to reap, so if I sow help, help automatically comes to me.

Let me challenge you today to do something good for you. We should strive daily to be better, do better and have better than the day before. Do something good for yourself today, even if it’s just drinking a cup ofhealthy coffee that your body could thank you for. Don’t drink it alone, offer it to someone else as well.

Ganoderma coffee comes in Black, Latte and Mocha for your drinking pleasure. If you haven’t yet started drinking healthy coffee now, get started today.

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