The Power of the Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Coffee Benefits

Coffee is not only big economy in the United States and the West in total but it is a countrywide pastime that everybody like to get engaged in very consistently to get that instantaneous buzz and also to feel like they’re part of the larger culture.

Coffee has been so infused in our culture that we have a time of day called “coffee breaks” which takes place every now and then in every single workplace in the United States. It’s something that we’ve just taken for granted because we’ve become so accustomed to it. Really every time you gain new employment the first thing you look for during your break is to see if there’s a coffee machine in the employee dining area.

Customers who have more costly taste like to go downstairs and across the street to their local Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts or any number of a gazillion stores that offers some sort of coffee. Now this isn’t just in the mornings but also the afternoons and evenings and really whenever the craving hits that people will reach out for the coffee and shell out a few bucks for their favorite blend.

It’s become our main excuse to step away from our desks every now and then to just enjoy the sun and the weather from time to time. Can you imagine a culture where we did not have these “coffee breaks” we would not be leave our desks as constantly as we can and do.

Recall all those times a co-worker goes out for coffee and asks “can I bring you anything back”. So not only is coffee kind of personal escape, it’s also a very social activity as well that allows people to connect to each other every now and then and refresh their bonds.

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